4 Lectii Gratuite Pe Tema Stresului La Tineri

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Studii Biblice
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Lectiile (predicile) sunt in limba Engleza. Acest material a fost preluat de pe site-ul: http://youthministry.com

Statistics confirm what you probably know already: Teenagers are dealing with extreme amounts of stress from internal and external sources. The goal of this series is for students to not only identify some key points in Abraham’s life that were stressful, but also equip them with the necessary tools to help them deal with stressful situations themselves.

Lesson include:

  • Stressed Out by High Expectations (Genesis 12)
  • Stressed Out by Situations Beyond Our Control (Genesis 14)
  • Stressed Out by Instant Gratification (Genesis 22)
  • Stressed Out by Loss (Genesis 24)

Each lesson is ready to use right out of the box, but all the materials are also editable so you can customize each one for your ministry.


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