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Posted: November 28, 2009 in Programe Free
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Un alt sablon blogger preferat este “The Daily Inspired”. Ceea ce face acest sablon blogger unul dintre cele mai bune sabloane blogger este faptul ca poate fi personalizat (This is an highly customized Blogger template!). Aceasta tema blogger este profesionala si FREE.

Download /Descarca acest Sablon Blogger Template

sablon blogger

Cum Sa Personalizezi Acest Sablon Blogger?

Add Blog Logo
To add your logo on this template find this code:

<td height=“100” align=“center”>Your logo here</td>

… and add a logo image within <td> element instead of “Your logo here”.

Add tab on the navigation bar
If you want to add a new tab on the navigation bar find this comment:


…and add this code:

<a href=POST_URL class=“tabbed-bar”><div>Your Page</div></a>

Then, create a new post on blogger (= a new page…), add some content, publish it and copy the URL of this new post instead of POST_URL within the previous code. In this way your post will be a not a simple “post” but a page (for example take a look at my Tutorials page).

Search field
In order to use custom search on this template find this code:

<div id=“search-bar”>
<form action=“” method=“get”>

…and change with the URL of your blog. For example on this site is

Pentru mai multe detalii mergeti aici:

Pentru a vedea acest sablon in actiune, mergeti aici:

  1. Peter says:

    Nu mai poate fi downloadat acest sablon. Mi-l puteti trimite prin e-mail sau reposta? Multumesc.

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